Where To Buy Investment Property In Central America

The central American countries of Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua are all seeing an upswing in interest from US real estate investors. Many of these buyers are attracted by the proximity of the region to the US and the increasing number of direct flights. The other key attractions are affordable real estate and at low cost of living. In this article we consider some of the best property hot-spots in the region.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – This small fishing town has a beautiful position on a half moon sandy bay surrounded by rolling hills. Given the dramatic coastline, beautiful landscapes and world-class surf beaches it’s no wonder that the town has emerged as Nicaragua’s top tourism and real estate destination. Beachfront condos, ocean-view lots, hillside villas and surf real estate; it’s all there for the taking.

Placencia Peninsula, Belize – While Ambergris Caye is still the main tourism attraction in Belize, this 16 mile long peninsula on the mainland of the country is beginning to catch up fast. Placencia has one of the most attractive beaches on the mainland with close access to key diving spots as well as the Maya Mountains of the interior. Beachfront condos are a mainstay of the real estate market here.  The road has recently been paved all the way from Belize City, the capital and a new international airport is under construction at Riversdale at the north end of the Peninsula.

Panama City, Panama – Easily the most cosmopolitan city in the region, Panama City attracts real estate investors from across the world. Its skyline is impressive with hundreds of high-rise condo towers and office buildings jostling for an ocean view position along the bay. The government is overseeing a number of large-scale infrastructure projects designed to underpin the capital’s position as a world class business and entertainment hub.

Jaco, Costa Rica – For those looking for a vibrant tourism town, there’s no beating Jaco in Costa Rica. You’ll find all the amenities and services of a well-established vacation destination. Although the property market suffered during the recent global economic downturn, things are beginning to pick up again. The construction in 2010 of improved transport links with the capital San Jose has been a key factor contributing to this upswing.  If you;re after the quieter side of town, head towards the south of the bay.

Granada, Nicaragua – If you want to live and invest in the oldest city in the Americas then Granada will be right at the top of your list.  If retains a very well preserved colonial center with great examples of traditional Spanish colonial architecture. More and more of these impressive adobe structures are being remodeled into prestigious homes, hotels and restaurants.  And like elsewhere in Nicaragua, the cost of living is very affordable.

Corozal, Belize – If you are looking for affordable Caribbean real estate then look no further then this tiny fishing town just south of the border with Mexico.  It’s quiet, sleepy and laid back.  But just 1/2 an hour away is the shopping town of Cozumel, Mexico.  Given its strategic location, a number of new real estate projects have just been launched, including one with a golf course.