Will We Learn The Lessons Of This Poor Economy?

Many people think that in order to become successful you have to work hard. This statement is not the entire truth; you must know where to invest your efforts. Making money for example has a lot more to do with your vision for your life than it does the amount of overtime you put in.

One of the hardest things to do for most people is to achieve financial freedom. To even experience a moniker of success is a triumph in and of itself. Why is it that the financial freedom of America seems to be part in parcel a representation of the financial freedom of Americans? Scrimping and being tight with money seems to be a lost art in this country.

It was only two generations ago that the thought of spending money on things you didn’t absolutely need was something only the rich did. Even if a family was doing pretty good, they certainly didn’t spend much if any money on extra goods and services. The extra money went to paying of the mortgage, the car note, savings and retirement funds. We laughed for many years if not in fact, then in representation. We spent our money like it would never end forgetting the lessons of our grandparents but they knew something that most of us do not. Money, like time, is finite.

Your ability to earn money and the time in which you have to do it are not unlimited resources. The economy has been a wake up call for everyone to begin to get serious once again about being intelligent with our money. Getting the latest I-phone, for example, doesn’t seem as important when the unemployment rate is over ten percent. What if we go into another depression, will we wake up then?

It is not all bad though; some of us are waking up and realizing that even if you are making good money now that even with a degree your options could dry up overnight. The economy will pick up again and most people will pretend that nothing ever happened, but some, the very few that got the message, will make important changes and their families will learn the true value of a dollar once again. Will you be one of the wise ones to show yourself and your family that when times are lean it is fine because you learned the lessons and did the right things, you will practically be unaffected by any economy?