Yoga Video Games, Yoga Cards and Yoga Video DVDs

The evolution of video games has been quite rapid in the last several years. It certainly has come a long way since the days of Atari and the original Nintendo. Now videos can be controlled by observing your body movements.  The Nintendo Wii is one of these types of video game consoles.    This concept was quite revolutionary idea when it came to being used for video games.  The Wii Fit balance board was introduced a few years after the release of the Wii.  This was another big change for the way people viewed and participated in video games.  With the balance board, participants can play based on their balance and movement.  Yoga is one of the many activities you can do with the balance board.

If this sounds interesting to you, we would recommend you get a yoga mat for use with the Wii.  The Wii yoga mat is longer than a normal one to accommodate the balance board.  This allows you to do stretches to the sides, forward and to the back of the balance board.  This special yoga mat may not be extremely necessary for meeting your fitness goals, it certainly helps provide you with a better grip while preforming the yoga poses.   A cover for the balance board may also be helpful to prevent you from slipping while you exercise.

Besides using the Wii for exercising and doing yoga in your own home, there are alternatives to doing yoga still in your home.  Purchasing a Yoga DVD can be another helpful way to get in shape.  There is a yoga DVD for every skill level.  This includes pre-natal yoga and yoga for children (like teen yoga and toddler yoga).      You can also use Yoga cards.  You can deal out or choose specific cards of yoga poses to practice.  These cards show you how to practice the posture and how the posture is benefiting you.

These options should help provide a great variety to your yoga or other fitness routine.